28 Days Later

It’s hard to know whether London is quieter this weekend, or just feels quieter.

A new chapter for “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” no doubt.

Interesting to note how quickly a poster information campaign can be everywhere though. The last mass media format.

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Plant-Based Lifeforms

There’s something quite Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy about the phrase ‘plant-based’ – echoes of the description of humans as ‘carbon-based lifeforms’.

If it persists as a phrase, ‘based’ is a term that might end up doing a *lot* of heavy lifting, in the same way that ‘craft’ does in beer.

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Startup Prontoprint

Kinda interesting – positioning itself as a walk-in creative studio, where you pay by marketing services by the hour. “Marketing for all” they say on the website. Which is also possibly just flipping round the standard printshop model, where if you wanted the poster, they had someone on site who’d design it for you too.

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Charging Infrastructure

In a new cafe, who’ve installed all of their power points like this… it’s easier to pull out the plug from the table above, I’m guessing.

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Public(ish) Service

Replacing screens in the world with the one you have in your hand. Questions about how much of a public service this remains – can everyone afford the hardware, software, data charge and experience to access this info?

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