Woodpunk Futures

I love this… and reacted immediately with the word Woodpunk.

It is a Masterplan of the Luna block in Sodertalje, Sweden, by Alison Brookes Architecture & BAU. (I saw it via Dan, but you’d guessed that already)

I’m not sure if Woodpunk is a term, but like Steampunk, it feels like it could just as easily represent a different sort of present, as if we had made different decisions in our past, rather than a new kind of future.

But we are where we are, and we’ll take what we can get.

The Luna Block looks like this today, quickly looking it up on street view:

Rather than getting rid of existing structures in a redesign, the approach taken is to work with what is already there, and add materials which have a much lighter footprint overall, particularly timber. From the architect’s site:

The concept of weaving became the unifying design approach, interweaving bold ideas into the existing structures rather than demolishing them entirely. The urban approach of carving up of new pathways, nodes, and landmarks allowed different elements to come together, much like ships carrying cargo from distant lands and mingling at the steps of the Mälarens port. The singular Luna modernist concrete blocks from the 70s were transformed into a permeable and civic Luna Quarter.

Mass timber was chosen as the primary building material, allowing structural gymnastics within the existing concrete structures present. Approximately 80% of the concrete was retained, significantly reducing the embodied carbon output of the proposal.

More of this, please. More Woodpunk Futures.


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