Revisiting Metadesign for Murph

I’m going to be opening up the second day of UX London 2024, 18th-20th June. As part of that talk, I’ll be revisiting a talk called Metadesign for Murph which I gave at dConstruct in 2015. It might be one of my favourite talks that I’ve ever given.

There’s something very fitting about this, given I’m giving it for the same curator (Jeremy Keith) and the same organisers (Clearleft).

Given the theme of dConstruct 2015 was ‘designing the future’, and we’re now living in one of those possible futures, it will be interesting looking back to look forward – what do we do now, given what we’ve learned since then…?

Here’s the description I’ve given Jeremy of the talk. As always, it will be fascinating to see what the future holds, and how closely the talk resembles this description…


The Product of Design

Let us take some time at a pivotal point of UX London, between expanding our research senses and building our design muscles, to think a little about futures rather than features.

It will be less about what you can do as a product designer, and more about what you can change as a product of design.

This talk will be a response to John’s dConstruct talk from 2015 on ‘Designing the Future’. Now that we are here in 2024, what do we wish we had done then for now? And what might we do now to build a future practice we are proud of when the third part of this talk rolls around in 2033…



I was just surfing through the internet to find a picture to use of the original talk by the image at the top by dConstruct themselves – and found the selection below.

Things to revisit: superheroes, adaptability, and definitely Leastmodernism. It’s going to be a packed 30 minutes…

Credit: Bill Thompson
Credit: Christopher Noessel
Credit: Dan Hill


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