I had a great catchup with Dave Gray today, during which we talked a little about a post on bookshelves I’d shared on LinkedIn a few days back, in particular which books sit next to each other.

Gamestorming, the book Dave wrote with Sunni Brown and James Macanufo, sits here for me – more towards the unstructured, playful end of this shelf, rather than the more structured, instructional end.

The shelf where Gamestorming sits

Organising a whole library like this can be hard work, especially from scratch. Dave mentioned the Noguchi Ordering System for files, where the order is gradually sorted for you by your own use. What might work for a library, we wondered?

What about this; every time you put a book back in your library, you introduce it to a new friend. In the same way you would introduce friends with something in common (“you guys should definitely meet”), do the same for your bookshelves. Over time, you are looking to put together a well-cast party on each of your shelves.

I’m going to try this for a bit, and see how it makes me think about the connections between books.

A library is all of the things between the book covers which aren’t written on the pages…