Return to UX London

I am delighted to have been invited back to give one of the keynote talks at UX London this summer – details here – 18th-20th June.

I have had a long-term love for Clearleft, the hosts, and invitations from them to speak have been instrumental moments in my career so far. The most pivotal, and fun, was perhaps dConstruct in 2015, on Designing The Future. Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it:

Jeremy Keith and I were discussing last week what I could and should talk about this summer. It became clear that revisiting some of these themes now that we are in that future would be valuable to help people consider what design has become, and what it needs to become next.

Plus, it means I can do callbacks. Who doesn’t love callbacks? And finally get around to updating this chart.

See you there, I hope.