What is Metadesign?

In preparation for my dConstruct talk next month, I’ve been researching metadesign. I’ll start posting some relevant things up here over the next few weeks if you want to follow some of the background work that goes into the talk.

First up, a couple of talks by Prof. John Wood of Goldsmiths University, whose work centres on the need to ‘Redesign design’:

The more I’ve been diving into the Metadesigners open network that’s been set-up by Prof. Wood and the team at Goldsmiths, the more I realise that there’s perhaps a separation which can be made when it comes to Metadesign; there’s the what it is (in the sense that it’s a series of tools and approaches), and the why we need to think this way. I might try to pick that apart a bit more, and look at the other descriptions and work on Metadesign in order to clarify it a bit for others and myself.