Work In Progress

Every so often, I find myself mucking about in Illustrator, playing with a new something or other for a piece of work, and it’ll just make me think ‘oh, that’s good, that could be a new Smithery thing’. For a company that’s been running for three and a half years, to have had three different logos and styles is good going. Perhaps it’s a bit like a Doctor Who regeneration. Looks different, acts different, yet is the same thing.

Anyway, I haven’t decided if this is defintely one yet. But it’s work in progress. It’s always good to share work in progress. It’s based on the series of tools and models that have popped out of the People & Space project, we’ll see if it sticks.






Playspace Logo-01





Smithery 2015 logo-01


One response to “Work In Progress”

  1. Hi – Ancient Pop here.
    Just to say that I instinctively don’t like arrows pointing “down”.
    But the circles like say the” atomic” looks good to me!!