3.18 – Action Reading

Quick recap; I built a version of The Relativity Matrix from books yesterday, and didn’t have a chance to capture it.

Well, here it is… one row at a time (so the next five posts to come).

I’ve categorised each section by the headings I have them under now with a superfast explainer on what I think lives here.

NB – this is not the go to reading list for each section; it is only built from the books I own. There are no doubt thousands of other books that can fit under each section. Links where I have ’em, using Amazon Associates – what I make in the miniscule commission I buy more books with. This is all subject to change, your mileage may vary, etc etc.

I’ll work my way up the Matrix, using the PEOPLE layers.


What have you done in the last day to help get something done?

These five sections that you can do tomorrow. Immediately. They’re all about you, and the actions you can take to make a dent in the business you’re working in.

Sure, it might be a small dent. But it’ll be real, and it’ll be yours, and you can come back the following day and do it again.

This is the wax on, wax off stuff…


PRACTICE – things you can do to change your basic approach to anything

Ignore Everybody – Hugh McLeod
Steal Like An Artist – Austin Kleon
How To Thrive In A Digital Age – Tom Chatfield
Can Scorpions Smoke? – Steve Chapman
The Courage to Create – Rollo May
Intuition Pumps – Dan Dennett
Thinkertoys – Michael Michalko


PLAY – ways to learn with your team, in the best way to learn there is

Do Improvise – Rob Poynton
Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation – Bateson & Martin
Play – Stuart Brown
Gamestorming – Dave Gray et al


SHOW – using drawing, sketching and visuals to share ideas

Show Your Work – Austin Kleon
Which Aesthetics Do You Mean? – Leonard Koren
Marks & Meanings – Dave Gray (self published)
The Sketchnote Handbook – Mike Rhode
The Back of the Napkin – Dan Roam


PLOT – thinking like you’re starting from scratch

Do Disrupt – Mark Shaylor
Path of a Doer – David Hieatt
It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be – Paul Arden
Changing The World Is The Only Fit Work For A Grown Man – Steve Harrison


SPOT feeding off the important, granular changes in the wider world

Out of Office – Chris Ward
Program or be Programmed – Douglas Rushkoff
TXTNG – David Crystal
The Kids Are Alright – Beck / Wade
Superactually – Chuk Moran
Drive – Daniel Pink
Throwing Sheep In The Boardroom – Fraser & Dutta
Stuff – Daniel Miller




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