I’m in Dublin today.  And I found another example to add to a burgeoning pile of examples I have of “beer you havn’t heard of in shop windows.

Small, independent shops (who have the choice of what to put in their window, with no top-down regional control) used to use big, international brands in their windows to show that they were a valid business – “look, we have access to the precious things”.

More and more, in every city I visit, I seem to see these same shops using “beer you haven’t heard of” as a pull – “look, we have access to the precious knowledge“.

Worth watching – will bigger stores start to use this to pull people in?  Or are they too wedded to selling their store space as media…

photo 2



One response to “Beer As Validation”

  1. Totes, I read recently about Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and how Tesco asked them ‘How do we get small, quality brands like yours to come to us first?’. Clearly, there are many possible answers but the simple fact that Tesco has asked the question is telling.