What do the marketing people do all day?

I’ve been playing with a new camera during the latter half of this year, the Panasonic Lumix LX7.   I didn’t know about it before I bought it.  I chose it based on reviews that other people had left for it, here, and here among other places.

The camera itself is excellent.  But I never managed to get any sort of sense of the manual (see also Russell’s manual experience).  Instead I went about setting it up by following this guy’s video:

Funnily enough, when I had to set-up the camera again, I went back to the video again… I hadn’t actually learned how to do it, I’ve just relied on that video being there forever.  Or if not that video, someone else’s video, or blog post, or whatever.

The thing is, Panasonic haven’t created any sort of learning space around the camera.  Maybe departments aren’t talking.  Maybe it’s nobody’s job.  Maybe nobody knows how the camera really works.  Maybe people can’t be bothered.

But it does mean whilst I’m very happy with the product itself, I neither rely on the company making it to tell me about up front, nor rely on them helping me quickly find a way to use it.

Makes you wonder what do the marketing people do all day…


4 responses to “What do the marketing people do all day?”

  1. Retention and customer satisfaction are sadly neglected in marketing departments where acquisition of new customers is so often the focus.

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