The Dayfilms Experiment – some rules and background

As part of the OSLP project ‘The Key To Leadership‘, I thought I’d see how quickly I could make films to document the process.  Can you shoot, edit, puiblish & edit in a single 24 hour period, so that it’s good enough to share online, but make it part of your work so you can get it done as you go.  Let’s call them dayfilms.

It harks back to part of the Smithery studio projects for the year, working with different kinds of media to tell stories.

I’m using my Lumix LX7 to shoot lots of high speed, informal shots, and combine that with audio captured with a Samson Meteor Mic and iPad mini.  I’m importing the film footage into the iPad on iOS7, cropping in the camera roll, stitching together with iMovie on the iPad, then adding the audio on underneath.

Here’s the first dayfilm, an interview with Thomas Forsyth, who’s working on the project with me.

Resolution Test – interview with Thomas Forsyth from Smithery on Vimeo.

Anytway, I thought it might be interesting to set myself a set of rules to work with for dayfilms.  Which might look like this (to be refined as I go):

1. It only counts if it’s from first shot to export in 24 hours.
2. It’s not the main thing you’re doing, but a recording of another part of your work
3. Distribution > Perfection

Let’s see how that pans out over the next few weeks.


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  1. Really lovely to watch, great idea.

    1. john v willshire avatar
      john v willshire

      Thanks Mike 🙂