Maeda’s Leadership Map

Just stumbled across this – a map that’s probably based on the same software platform as Tuneglue, called ‘powershop’ apparently – in John Maeda’s TED talk on Leadership from last year:

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 22.20.48


He talks about the importance in Leadership in finding connections between two things (and specifically groups, people and the like) which aren’t immediately obvious.  It’s worth watching the whole thing to see the full explanation:


3 responses to “Maeda’s Leadership Map”

  1. […] John Maeda’s Leadership Map – a great video of the man himself explaining it. […]

  2. Watched the video, liked it. I’d be good to get some details and pointers on how I (or anyone) could learn more and become skilled with such a tool to inform their leadership.

  3. what software is it? I cant find it anywhere..