Minimum Viable Presentation


We had the first Artefact meetup last week, which was great fun.  More on that over here.  But there will be more, that’s for sure.  Thanks to Helen & Mel at BBH for hosting, and the guys over at Carlsberg in Copenhagen for being the beer sponsors (and sending us some fine craft beer from the Jacobsen microbrewery).

At the end of the evening, Adam mentioned that he’d heard someone describe the app as “Minimum Viable Presentation”.  Which I think is brilliant.  I just wish I knew who it was who’d said it.

Anyway, get your MVP tool for iPhone over here, if you haven’t already –

And if you have it already, do be a dear and write us a review of it 🙂


3 responses to “Minimum Viable Presentation”

    1. john v willshire avatar
      john v willshire

      Ah-ha! Yet another moment of inspiration, eh chap? You’re on fire at the moment…

  1. Fun meet up. Do host a second one, maybe in the autumn. Would be fun to do some fun and games like pair people up to come up with story using artefact cards. Such diverse group of folks.

    Love the app. Bought the ‘deluxe’ version. Still playing around!