Artefact Cards Meetup #1 – These Pages Fall Like Ash

I’m delighted to announce that we’re holding the first Artefact Cards Meetup in London on Wednesday 24th July, from 5pm onwards.

It’ll be at BBH on Kingly Street, Soho, and you can get one of the free) tickets for it here:

Thanks massively to Helen (helenium) and Mel (melex) from BBH for hosting.

Why a meetup?

I thought given the Artefact Cards were now a year old, it’d be nice to bring together some users, so they can share ideas and thoughts on what makes them work.

Yet that seemed a little… tame as an idea.  Nice to do, but I thought it could be a much more valuable and interesting experience for everyone.

Over the last year, I’ve also wanted to get under the skin of some of the projects I’ve seen using them (through people blogging, tweeting, photographing them etc); I’ve said before that whereas I started off seeing the Artefact Cards through only the lens of the work I did, a years worth of talking to people has given me the chance to see what a wide variety of ‘knowledge’ work looks like through the lens of the Artefact Cards.

With that in mind, I want to use the meetups as opportunities to find out from the creators more about some of the amazing projects that’ve been using the cards somewhere in their formulation.

I’m therefore very delighted that Tom Abba and Duncan Speakman will be giving a talk about These Pages Fall Like Ash – here’s a wee video preview…

These Pages Fall Like Ash from Benjie Croce on Vimeo.

Tom & Duncan’s talk will be later on in the evening (6:30 or so), so from 5pm onwards there will be various wee ‘ show & tell’ things too, and of course some refreshments too.

I hope to see you there:



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