It’s about what you don’t sell as well as what you do…

I popped into Monmouth Coffee in London bridge the other day. Whilst there is a very interesting wave of coffee shops and local roasters popping up all over London at the moment, Monmouth started roasting and selling coffee back in 1978, so it’s a long established destination if you want a cup of the finest coffee, or to buy some beans for the house.


Last year, they had a seemingly endless supply of amazing Kenyan coffees that I kept going back for – incredible flavours that made a cup of black coffee taste like a riotous explosion of everything from wine to fruit juice. This year though, there’s not been a single Kenyan coffee on the counter whenever I’ve popped in.

So I asked the guy behind the counter about it this time.

It turns out they’ve been trying as many, if not more, Kenyan coffee crops this year, in an attempt to find coffees as good as the ones they had last year. But the crops this year just aren’t as good.

And rather than just take the best of what’s available, they’re not taking any of it. “We don’t want to sell people coffee that’s not as amazing as last year’s was” he said “as they’ll stop coming back”.

Which is why I keep going back to Monmouth.


One response to “It’s about what you don’t sell as well as what you do…”

  1. Good that he knew that and was able to tell you the story about it too