Are Brands Fracking The Social Web? – V2.0

I’m really enjoying talking at Squared every quarter.

Notionally it could be the same talk, but what I’m finding is that it’s a question I’m asking out loud all of this year, and so as I get a better grip on the question and its many answers, the presentation changes.  And gets better, hopefully.

I’m now wondering if it could become a presentation that regenerates like Doctor Who… hmmm.  Anyway, here’s V2:

Are Brands Fracking The Social Web? – v2.0 from John V Willshire


The changes are quite significant in this iteration.  There’s a whole new back end, which is actually only a day into its life as a structure, so no doubt bears revisiting a good few times in the coming month or two.

As always, thoughts from you fine folk greatly appreciated in the comments below, as it informs the thinking wonderfully.


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