Triage – The (mail) Box of Delights

You might remember the excellent promotional campaign around the Mailbox app:


I was disappointed when the app itself arrived though. It felt too much of a halfway house between a normal email app, and what it was trying to do.

I’ve just started using Triage (HT Gareth), which I think is a much cleaner, easier app doing the thing Mailbox wants to do.

The Box Of Delights

It shows you just one email at a time, and offers just three simple things – swipe up to archive/mark unread, swipe down to mark as read, or just reply quickly.

For the way I use my email, that’s a perfect way to use it on my phone. I’m trying to save all the heavy email graft (when needed) for doing on the mac.

Also, the whole three movements thing reminds me massively of The Box Of Delights… “Press it to the left and go swift. Press to the right and go small.  Open it to go into the past…”

I would suggest that the Box of Delights has some of the best UX going… anyone know where it is?


2 responses to “Triage – The (mail) Box of Delights”

  1. Tried Triage yesterday after also seeing a tweet by @garethk. Enjoyed its simple approach, but there are a couple of reasons why I haven’t switched. First there’s no way to delete messages (only archive or keep for later)? Second, I wish I could switch more easily between different email accounts, so it could fulfill its stated purpose as a triage for email on the move?