Simmering in the liminal with Antony Mayfield


I caught up with Antony Mayfield, founding partner at Brilliant Noise, yesterday for a wee chat about how he's using Artefact Cards as part of his creative process, specifically when writing a book for Nokia on designing you working day.  We covered loads of interesting things, and all accompanied by the next backing track we could have hoped for perhaps, as you'll hear.


Antony's posted up this on his blog to explain more at the liminal state...

"In the context of creative and strategic thinking, the liminal state is what you find yourself in just before you have a breakthrough, or just before you fully understand something, make it yours. For instance, if you can recall trying to learn your lines for a play, the liminal state is where you are just before the words settle and take up residence in your memory – and then you can start using them, adding your inflections and emotions, making them your own."

It's really worth going to read the whole piece here.



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