“The Audio Hunch” with @andrewsleigh


The above conversation took place in Brighton on Friday.  It starts around Artefact Cards, as Andrew did the magnificent photography for the new Artefact website as has been using the cards since for projects, but then we started talking about the audio stuff like this.

I think Andrew gets it spot on when he calles this format the "Audio Hunch"...

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 07.46.16


...which instantly reminds me of Russell's "reckons" post from last year.

It's certainly not a final, thought-through piece like a written blog post or a slideshare, but instead an initial verbal wander into a delicate new thought or observation.

The Audioboo API seems slightly borked - I spent ages trying to test whether how the "automatically post to WordPress" thing worked, and now it won't unlink... which means everything I put on there appears like this.

However, by thinking of them as "Audio Hunches", and adding things after the fact to the topic, it becomes an opening proposition, and a place to note things.

Of the three 2013 side projects, it's certainly the one I'm getting on with the best.