The future of print, from a village green near its past & present


It occurs that perhaps I could and should start adding a little context in text to these posts, as they appear on the site from Audioboo.  Partly because I think it's an interesting approach; start with the audio, then follow-up with links, develop ideas and so on.  And partly because the Audioboo API seems to have decided that it likes posting things here, and whatever I try I can't seem to make it stop.

Anyway, the above conversation took place between Tim Milne of Artomatic and I, sitting in the town square in Axminster after our visit to see Keith at the Axminster printing co.  Together, the three of us design, produce and manufacture the Artefact Cards of course.

It's about the future of print, in a roundabout way.  Tim's put an excellent, more precise version of his idea of the Future of Print up on Slideshare, as we mention, and you should have a read of that right now, I reckon... it's already got about 27k views.  There must be something about using Artefact Cards in Slideshare presentations...

Future of print (in a digital age) - ARTOMATIC from Timmilne