Stop Motion Animation, YEAH

Before Christmas, I mentioned a brilliant, leftfield project I started working on with Andy Hunns at Clinic; part strategist, part illustrator, helping Clinic describe their process.

Well, we’re done…. click here to go and watch the brilliant stop motion animation film Andy and the guys have just finished to share the process on the website:

Artefact Cards for Clinic Process


I’m really proud of what we’ve done together.  The plan wasn’t originally to do them on Artefact Cards, but once we started using them to draw out what the process entailed, it seemed a natural way to keep playing with the process.

So as well as the video, there are sets of the process cards that the Clinic guys can sit down with people and build a process to fit a piece of work or a style of working.

Thanks to Andy and all the guys at Clinic for being such a joy to work with too.

clinic 1

clinic 2