A business built to last


Everywhere you look, people are reusing old church pews. From cafes like the excellent Wild & Coffee on New Oxford Street (which was renamed from ‘WIld and Wood’ for reasons I know not), to these ones I found in the new kids play area at Spring Bank Farm in Lewes today.

It’s interesting that the infrastructure and material culture of religion is outliving the ‘business model’, as it were. From converted buildings to reclaimed furniture, it’s all stuff that was built by a belief that the business would never fail, never falter. Those seats were built for generations of arse-covering, as it were.

How many businesses are being built to last nowadays? Is there perhaps something in the fabric of what you create that fuels success? If everything about your business feels like it’s built to last, feels like it’s something the people behind it believe in, does that seep through to customers?