There’s nothing like an idle walk around a car boot sale to get a sense of a our shift in consumption over the past decade or so.

There’s nothing inherently valuable, just the things that are on the edge of having value. They live or die by a pound coin rattling around in somebody’s pocket.

There are lots of CDs and DVDs most notably. Hanging around like former high-class prostitutes who’ve lost their looks to time and use, and must ply their trade on a street corner somewhere. Or a dusty car park, more fittingly.

It’s strange seeing the trappings of high end entertainment design, crafted on old macs somewhere in California, peeking out from dusty plastic sleeves.

And to think that a decade ago, even today for some people, we’d throw a whole bunch of fivers at just one disc.

What’s going to populate the rickety trestle tables in another decade, I wonder?