A picle story from London Zoo

We went to London Zoo today, with my Mum & Dad, and my brother and his wife.

It’s the sort of thing I keep thinking Picle, the photophonic app from Made by Many, was made for.


It works really well in that random, share the emotion of being there.  I showed the video to James this evening, he was transfixed, and demanded to watch it again.  To make a two year old silent and entranced is no mean feat.

I might try something a bit more intentionally constructed with Picle next.  I think it might be an interesting way to build and tell a story with the Artefact cards.  Take a picture of each one in a series, narrate it quick, build and share a story.  We’ll see.


Anyway, speaking of Artefact, the first limited edition run will go into production very soon.  If you think you want to buy a set, sign up here to the mailing list as the folks on that will get first dibs.