Plumpton Mornings – Back in the Picture

It’s been a bit quiet on Plumpton Mornings of late.  Lots of excellent projects keeping me busy.  But whilst I regather thoughts and executions after December’s test auction, here’s an interim work…

…there’s a charity raffle in Plumpton this weekend, so I decided to donate something.

With Charlie’s expert graphic design help (he’s another Plumpton Green’er), this is what we’ve done.  Name for the piece as yet to be decided.

We might do a limited series of prints on a similar theme, but additionally pulling on some other interesting data sources to sit alongside the pictures.

These wouldn’t be auction pieces, but just to buy and raise money for 50/50 good‘s East Africa Famine Appeal.

If you think you (or your company or agency or whatever) might want to buy one, then just leave your details here.  I’ll send out a note to the people on that list first about how to buy them.