#plumptonmornings – call for testers


OK, as promised a test of a part of the voting platform.  This test will run until Wednesday evening at 6pm.


From any twitter account, tweet the following, precisely in this form:

bid £XX.XX to @PlumptonMorning

…where £XX.XX is the amount you want to bid.

You can then see your bid here – http://plumptonmornings.tumblr.com and/or follow@PlumptonMorning if you want to see confirmation of all bids.

The top bid at 6pm on Wednesday will win one of the Miniature Art Books with accompanying miniature coffee table.


—Original Post—

You must know what #plumptonmornings is about now, surely?

If not, read this, then that, then rejoin.

In short – experimental twitter long tail art auction thing to raise lots of money for UNICEF’s East Africa Famine Appeal.

Over the next 36 hours, we need your help to test some things, before the big launch.

You can help test a definition thing, a bidding thing, or both.

Conceptual thing

Very simply, I’d like you to rate these five example Plumpton Mornings works.

In full, they are:

Individually produced printed works (7″ x 5″, postcard size) featuring six Plumpton Mornings chosen for their vitality, randomised by twitter machinations.

A set of three Plumpton Mornings dice, featuring one Plumpton Morning on each side, crafted to correspond obliquely to the others, making them partially functional for those who know how to interpret them.

Four panels (each 8″ x 8″), where each contains four Plumpton Mornings. Each individual work contains part of a clue to a secret keyword which, if all cracked, will multiply each work by itself.

A miniature art book (1.7″ x 1.5″) featuring 24 Plumpton Mornings. Displayed on a miniature coffee table, naturally.

A calendar based grid work, where a complete time series of the Plumpton Mornings series with meaningful dates for the winning bidder are taken out to, creating ‘holidays’, and a unique version of the base template (24″ x 16″, or poster size)

A wholly unique functioning timepiece, featuring six Plumpton Mornings, and a sound and light display triggered by trains passing through Plumpton, no matter where in the world the piece is installed.

Vote here…

Then, second thing… a bidding test.

This week, we’re going to run a test of the bidding engine, and we’d like people to join in.

Unlike the real auction, there will only be one piece up for grabs, to the winning bid, and that will be for the overall winner.