The home-made Hallowe’en costume


I made a Hallowe’en costume for James today; he’s just two, so it’s the first time he’s been able to wear one and run around. We asked him what he wanted to be, and ‘robot’ was the answer. That’s my boy.

Anyway, this afternoon, off we went to a great local kids Hallowe’en party. Ham sandwiches and chocolate cupcakes were the order of the day.

I thought it was a little strange that all the other kids were dressed in costumes that were bought, not made. That used to be half the fun of dressing up when we were young making the costume with your mum and dad.

It’s just another example I guess of the convenience economy… Everything’s a time-saving service. We can create it for you, wholesale. Supermarkets and high street stores are rife with kids costumes, all designed to be just right. The perfect little vampire, witch or cat.

But for me the point of dressing kids up is not that costumes are quick to buy, easy to fit, perfect to look at.

As one of the rules from David Malki’s “Maker’s Bill of Rights” states, surely “The Effort Itself Is The Reward”..?