Artefact Cards – Concept Testing

I spent some time this afternoon putting together the first concept testing kits for the Artefact Cards.

They’re being sent out over the weekend to the first group of people who signed up to the mailing list for the cards the first time around, and to some folks who work in various different ways and fields, to see how other folk use them.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve found them to be a helpful way to order, reorder and refine individual thinking, and as a better, cleaner way of creating things as a group.

They’re also great for telling stories; you can easily shuffle different elements of the story forwards and backwards, or lose them all together, depending on audience reaction as you go.

It avoids that moment in presentations when someone says ‘But what about..?’, and you say ‘Yes, we’ve covered that… but let’s go through the rest of the presentation first…’

I’ll write more at length another day on them, especially when I’ve had the first reports back from the testers.

If you’re especially interested, you may want to sign up to the mailing list here.


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