The (un)wearable project

Following on from the post earlier today on ‘making stuff’, it felt right to start letting this cat out of the bag.

Or at least undo the string a little, so it can have a peek outside.

It’s a project that Tim Milne (ARTOMATIC), Chris Thorpe (Jaggeree) and myself have started.

It’s about labels, and anti-brands, and t-shirts, and twitter.  It’s about digital transience, and physical permanence.  It’s also about inverse frequency weightings, Chris tells me.  Which sound amazing.

We’ll need to test some stuff out, at some point.

If you’d like to help us, please go here and leave your name, email & twitter account.

Thanks, if you do.  We’ll be in touch.

PS: the other two t-shirts above are from a lovely project called “We Are Numbers” by Dutch designer Twan Verdonck, that my wife and I are part of, and a t-shirt that my friend Alice made & sent to me after I wrote a column about rubbish t-shirts (it’s how we know each other).