So, I’m leaving PHD…


As those who know me are only all too aware, I don’t always get straight to the point.

I do find that the journey is as important as the destination…

For once, though, here’s the thing, nice and quick. I’m leaving PHD to start my own consultancy business, Smithery.



You may wish to head straight on over to, to discover what it’s all about.

But first, I’d just like to state that I’ve had an utterly fantastic time at PHD these last seven years; a finer, smarter, friendlier agency you could not wish to work at.

Indeed, whenever any other agency came and asked “why don’t you come and do what you do there over here?”, it was because of where here was that I resisted.

I’m very proud of the work we’ve all done at PHD over the last few years. But the time has come for a new challenge for me.

I wish the good ship PHD and all who sail in her all the best for the future.

As of August, I’ll be stoking the furnace at Smithery.

Come and say hello at, and find out at the very least where the name comes from…