Memorable Status Update? Dullest Thing Ever.

I was just responding to my brother on Facebook, and so something… weird…

Top right in Facebook, this appears…


Errrrr… really?

Isn’t life a bit too short to be ‘reminded of things you said on Facebook’…?

WHY is it memorable?  1 like & 1 comment is memorable, is it?  How was that decided?

And yet, the worst thing about it is this; someone behind me just said ‘yeah, I saw that too… the one I got wasn’t even a conversation I’d been involved in‘.

Oh wow; you can get a ‘Memorable Status Update’ from one of your friends that you ignored the first time around.  

Seriously Facebook, this is the poorest attempt I’ve seen yet at designing something that’ll make people click more.  It’s just shit.  Do better, or better still just stop fiddling.