Media – it’s the stuff in between

I’ve just seen this on Mashable (via our friends at Atom42).

It does read like a typical day.  I guess it’s pretty spot on.


Also, it really highlights the fact that media has become, as Clay Shirky called it in Cognitive Surplus, “the connective tissue of society”.  

If you’re a media agency, you need to be thinking about everything.  

Because media is the stuff in between everybody…


Which all kind of goes back to this post last year, on ‘the Last Media Agency‘.

btw – I’ve got a presentation on “What Is Media Planning?” various people have been pestering me for to share which the above image is from… 

…yes, if one of those people is you, I’m sorry, I’m getting round to it, I promise… it needs either a voiceover or more words.  At the moment it’s pretty pictures that don’t make a lot of sense without one or the other.