From Dusk Till Dawn – Art & Comment for Insomniacs

A couple of weeks back, I met up with Chris Thorpe of Jaggeree, formerly of the Guardian, and now co-founder of Artfinder (think Last.FM for art).


Anyway, over two large cups of Earl Grey, we started talking about how Chris might take some of the stuff they’ve been building and turn it into something for the Guardian SxSW hack day, which was this weekend just gone.  The hack day was about finding new ways to present news & cultural information to people.


Chris sums up the idea here:


“We’d get real people to tell us how different bits of art made them feel, get their impressions and the put them together in a sort of image and audio slideshow and then see what came out”


…and this is what Chris put together to show at the end of the hack.



<p>FDtD – From Dusk till Dawn from Chris Thorpe on Vimeo.</p> 


It’s wonderfully calming, I think, to hear gentle, considered opinions on the pieces from other people… too many audio guides in Museums don’t really work for me, they’ve too formal / haughty / monotonous in tone.  Full of detail and facts, not warmth and feeling.


I think there’s something very soothing about hearing a random mix of folk commenting on a piece, and the interesting, different takes on the same pieces takes your thoughts on lots of different journeys.


It’s very apt title that Chris bestowed upon the project “From Dusk till Dawn – the insomniac’s ambient audio guide to art in Austin”.


Anyway, you should sign up for an artfinder invite, and see what comes next…