Brands are people, people are brands #159 – Nero Stars

Now, I can’t remember exactly when I signed up for this, but I think it was last Winter… oh, actually, around the same time as I wrote this post on it, maybe…

Yes, anyway, Caffé Nero sent me a letter, a poker-chip style token, and a couple of vouchers for free coffees. The deal? They wanted me to give the token to a ‘Nero Star’… a barista in their stores who was going above and beyond the call of duty.


It’s a lovely idea, I really like it. It creates a bond between customer and your staff that wouldn’t normally be there. And, actually, having that token nagging away in my pocket has probably made me think more about going to Caffé Nero over the last month as a result. Everyone wins, I think.

Anyway, I’ve given mine to the whole team that work here, in the lonely little booth at the far end of Victoria.


It’s the Siberia of the Nero empire. And yet they are always, without fail, lovely, charming and smiley.

Thanks, guys.