George Lucas Sells Adidas, Volkswagen, PC World… and your childhood down the river

Oh George.  What are you doing.


Sure, the Adidas thing was exciting at first… 


…but the ad was largely forgotten in the trail of Nike’s Write The Future, and the shoes were kinda rubbish in the end.





Then there was the PC World thing.


God, really?


Look, here’s C3P0 bending over for the advertising buck… 






And now, there’s an VW ad.




OK, it’s kinda funny.  And in isolation, maybe any one of these would be fine.


But you know, where’s it going to stop?


How many ads will feature Star Wars characters, themes, remixes.  Is it the default, lazy creative hook up for exciting a generation who’re now driving cars and raising families?


I have a theory.


George Lucas hates Star Wars.  It’s ruined his life.  He had the potential to be a respected director, making a series of interesting, different films.  But people kept making him do the kids films.


Then told him that was all he was good at.


THEN told him that actually, when he tried to make more, he wasn’t any good at them after all, and the first ones were a fluke or something.


So George has decided to take his ball away.


We ruined his life for Star Wars, and now he’s going to ruin Star Wars for us.


He’s fucking ruining it for me, that’s for sure.