Goodbye Typepad, Hello Posterous

Happpy Nooooo Yeaaaaarrr


</fake new york accent>



…so yes, a vague resolution of mine was to have a clean up of my somewhat sprawling & dysfunctional set of profiles… blogs here, hashtags there, endless twitter accounts and the like.  To that end, I’m centralising most of my blogs into Posterous, a service I’ve been increasingly impressed with over the last year or so, mainly because of…



a) post by email


I’m sitting here on the train right now, just writing an email of this post, which I then pop in my inbox to send.  If you want a video embedded, well, just use the youtube link and it automatically knows what you want.  Simple, easy, and most crucially not something subject to whether I’ve got a connection or not…. I’ve lost count of teh number of posts I’ve lost half of on Typepad when the connection goes.



b) great mobile apps


The typepad mobile app was, frankly, rubbish.  After testing the water with the PicPosterous app early last year, the full Posterous iPhone app is a thing of beauty and wonder.  But even without it, you can still post from mobile by just using email, of course.



c) less is more*


The simplicity of the basic posterous site is a lovely thing to behold (though undoubtedly I’ll start tinkering with formatting at some stage).  And what’s more, it comes at a a very simple and easy price; free.  Free, you say?  Why, that’s everybody’s favourite price…



So there we go, new year, new Feeding The Puppy.  Undoubtedly, of course, I’ll have mucked something up somewhere in the rewiring, so if there are any teething problems, then I promise I’ll bodge something together as quickly as possible.





*Though if less is more, just imagine how much more ‘more’ is going to be…