Plan early, act late

As I ambled towards Brighton Station this morning, cursing the chill that’s descended across the land in the last few days, I stopped briefly to snap this view from above the station…


Not very exciting, is it?  So why did I bother?

Well, because on the same hill at the same time a week earlier, this was the view…


Stunning in comparison.  It reminds me of a painted backdrop from the classic Hollywood films.

Why’s it different? 

Well, it’s a week earlier, and the sun has crept above the East Brighton Golf course on that far hill, and it’s lighting up the scattered clouds like a flare.  The combination of sun & clouds makes the picture.

Some things you can plan for; the sun rises in a pretty established pattern, you know roughly where it’s going to be.  

But things like clouds you can’t plan for.  And what’s more, if they just arrive on their own, without a sunrise, it’s of no use at all. 

Planning for the things you know about is important… but within that, you’ve to be flexible, spontaneous, and take advantage of the things that crop up unexpectedly.

Plan early, act late.