How Technology is Changing… IPA courses

The IPA, a fine organisation who do a lot of things I have a lot of time for, are putting on a great looking course next week entitled…

How technology is changing behaviour 

(and what you can do about it)

All the stuff about the course is here, but rest assured it’s full of interesting people (Mark Earls, Rory Sutherland, Matt Willifer and so on) tackling this most interesting of questions.

Faris has written a great post on the reasons you should go.  So why am I writing a post about it here too? 

Well, because technology has changed the way people sign up for courses, of course.  It used to be the A4 pamphlet would land on your desk, you’d show it to your boss, and she’d either let you go or chain you to your desk.

Nowadays though, I think we’re much more influenced by the other people who say they’re going… be it people who tweet it, blog about it, or mention it in pubs.  Actually, the ‘mention it in pubs’ isn’t new.  That’s really old.  Ignore that bit.

But you get the idea from going from other people who’re going. I’m going, with a few PHDers too.  Because some of my friends are going, and some of my friends are speaking, and therefore also going.

If you’re going, then maybe we can have a chat about the comings and goings of the ways to make more people go. 

But only if you’re going.

You are going, aren’t you?