The #commutebox playlist principles

While we’re talking about #commutebox

…the playlists are being successful enough (eg lots of people adding lots of songs, which is ace) that I thought I’d post up some principles to shape the playlist: 

So, without further ado…

The commutebox playlist principles.

i) Whatever the playlist theme, think of a connection for the song you add.  You may be tested.

ii) Add a track here and there.  Maybe two or three.  DON’T bulk add, it just looks greedy

iii) If you’re a-twitterin’, then tweet what you’ve added using the #commutebox hashtag

iv) At a randomly designated time, the playlist will be closed, and I will curate…

Eh?  Curate?

Yeah, I know, harsh, when people give up time to add stuff. 

But if a playlist is open to everything, it just gets WAY too long.  Just a big list of songs.  Take your big list elsewhere, sunny-jim. This is commutebox.

Each playlist will be timed, see, to be twice the UK average commute, which some old news item randomly found on t’internet suggests is 45 minutes.  Even my maths tells me that’s an hour and a half of music, put together by your peers.  Nice.

So, what’re you waiting for; see if you can make the cut at on the commutebox summer playlist