Work, work, work… but what's my motivation?

I like thinking about work.

Not in the ‘spend all weekend fretting about shit’ way, though… despite the fact that lots of great ideas pop into your head when you’re not working at all, and that’s generally at weekends.

No, the work I like thinking about is the way we as a culture work nowadays, and why it’s kinda fucked up; the office culture, the military style top-down leadership, motivations, commuting & the stress on transport systems, 9-6pm, overtime, etc etc etc. 

I believe a lot of the way we work has been left in place from out-of-date theories of work (which I touched before on here and there).

Yet I hadn’t heard of Dan Pink until I saw this (via Iain). 

He’s written a series of four books on changing the way we work, and to promote the latest, Drive, he was at the RSA explaining a really interesting thing about motivation in the work place, and how a lot of companies have got it wrong…

…part of which the RSA have turned into one of their brilliant ‘animate’ series:

Interesting, huh?  That’s another book to add to the list for the commute then…