Dexter Fletcher Syndrome

Yes, that’s right; Dexter Fletcher Syndrome.



You know Dexter Fletcher of course… English actor, in lots of stuff, maybe most notably ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’.

He was in Press Gang when we were kids too. 

Look, there he’s there, next to that woman who was in that other thing…



Though I didn’t really watch it, to be honest.  I was more of a BBC kid.

But ‘Dexter Fletcher Syndrome’ comes from one of his earliest roles, in Bugsy Malone…



He plays Babyface.  You can see why.

He’s not in it for long, but here’s the scene…

So what’s Dexter Fletcher Syndrome?

It’s that phenomenon you see when the work that nobody wants to do is passed down through the ranks…

…”pass this to Babyface”… “pass this to Babyface”…

…until it reaches the people who have nobody left to pass it to.  

The smallest, the youngest, the least experienced, the last in the line.

They’re Dexter Fletcher.  That’s Dexter Fletcher Syndrome.

(I only mention it as we saw a prime example of it today of something that’d been ‘passed to Babyface’, and it reminded me of Dexter Fletcher Syndrome)