A sneak peek at a touchscreen magazine

So, if there’s one magazine that was always going to be all over the iPad and other touchscreen tablet devices, it was Wired

Here’s Wired’s Creative Director Scott Dadich, and Adobe’s Jeremy Clark, talking about how they’ve been working on developing the magazine to take advantage of all the things you’ll be able to do…

It looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

Some thoughts occurred as I watched…

…it seems like it’d be pretty labour intensive to go to town on every page of a magazine.  If more labour equals more cost, how does that sit with the notion that digital versions ‘cost significantly less’ than physical?

…it really works for Wired, it’s audience, and of course the subject areas covered.  But you can see how it could work for any magazine; Hello could use something like Microsoft Photosynth to let you ‘walk around Fern Britton’s beautiful home’, and TV listings could have TV trails embedded right in.

…if magazine publishers put all that effort into producing a ‘magazine’ in this format… are they going to let you break it up and just read (and pay for) the parts you want?  Or are they going to make you buy the whole thing?

Exciting times ahead, methinks.

(HT Paul)