Mucking about with Twitter stats

I’ve just been mucking about with twitter stats, just for something we’re doing for a client. 

I thought I’d share some things I like… just because, well, I’m in a shary mood.

Tweetstats is nice: input a user name, and it’ll break down stats into day, time, frequent replies etc…



…and it even allows you to take all the tweets, and turn ’em into a Wordle



I also like Trendistic (which used to be called Twist, I think… that’s what it’s still called in my bookmarks)…

…which tracks keywords and hashtags by day…



…and finally, the very useful Tweetreach, which not only tells you the number of tweets in the last seven days, but also counts the followers of the individual (and those of any lists) to create a ‘total impressions’ figure

though it’s only the total POSSIBLE impressions, not ACTUAL people who have seen it.