Touch me! The sun always shines on… Andy Gray

This is neat; a slideshare presentation from Taptu on the rise of the ‘touchscreen’ as an interface:

Introducing The Mobile Touch Web
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As we can see, the touchscreen is about to get huge (it’s not just an Apple thing, of course, all manufacturers are developing touchscreen devices of all shapes and sizes)…



Interesting to see categories that are not really making use of it yet… sports especially.



Why strange?

Well, I think sports is ripe for a bit of touchscreen interaction.  Especially when you think of Andy Gray standing in front of his digital touchscreen to explain tactics on the fitba’…



Now, with the touchscreen device gaining in popularity, what if you could download your own version of this?  And use it to send into the studio where you think the players should be standing, making runs and so on.  A kind of crowdsourced tactical analysis.  You versus the experts.

That’d be kind of cool, I think.  And another interesting way to use touchscreen devices alongside watching ‘event’ TV.

(Thanks to Grumblemouse Charles from Taptu who sent me the link)