Internet of things with BIG POINTY TEETH

Ahhh, the ‘internet of things’.  Much talked about here on FtP, it’s the trend we’re beginning to see where everyday things have embedded in them tags, chips, devices etc. that let the wider internet know where they are and what they’re doing…

…which would be really good to know if those things were dangerous.  Like SHARKS.



Yep, PSFK brings us this report that scientists in Australia have tagged 70 great white sharks so that when they get too close to a beach, a text message is sent to the lifeguards on that beach to warn them. 

Probably something like ‘CHOMPING TIME, WATCH OUT, LUV GR8 WHT SHK’.

As someone who’s been terrified of sharks ever since watching Jaws at the age of six, this is excellent news.  Though I’ll be slightly worried if they give the sharks laptops next, and they log on here and find out about my fear of them…