Have some fun with Out-Of-Office

No doubt you’re going away for Christmas.  Maybe even today, if you’ve got some holiday left over.

So, of course, you’ll need to leave an out-of-office message. 

“Thanks for your email, I’m currently on annual leave and will returndee-doo-dee-dah-blahBLAHBLAH”

BORING.  People have enough boring emails in their lives. 

So please, when you write yours, make it a bit more fun.  Point people to something interesting.  A game, a Christmas tree webcam, your favourite youtube video from this year.  The new Iron Man 2 trailer.

Or write something yourself. 

Here’s mine (which if you’re really desperate for something to write you could steal)…

Season’s greetings, one and all
I do hope you are well
I’m currently on holiday
As you probably now can tell

While I spend some time at home
Nibbling on a fresh mince pie
You’re sitting somewhere at a screen
Awaiting my reply

It’ll have to wait to January
In the meantime have no fear
Just pack up soon and head on home
And enjoy some festive cheer

Go on, do something different this holiday…