Taykt to the limit – smart free mbl txt srvc

Here’s something cool that Dave told me about earlier.  It’s called Taykt (pronounced ‘Take It’).  It’s really very simple as a proposition.

Need to set up a text shortcode? 

Then just com to www.taykt.com, enter the keyword you want to use, and the message people get when they text… and you’re off…



Wow, easy huh?  Anyone can do it.  None of this set-up fee, faffing with different providers and the like.  No worrying about cost, as it’s all just ’25p+network charge’… so say 35p typically.  Not too much at all.

I can already imagine lots of uses for this…

– small independent shops & bars could pick a ‘word of the day’ that’s written in chalk above their counter or bar… if you text that word, you get back a token for half price drink that day, or 5% off your shopping.

– if you want to test the effect of sales by location, just set up slightly different keywords to text in, and monitor which works best

– not sure which offer is more appealing to people… offer a choice of words, and see which proves most popular

A really smart, simple service as far as I can see.  Thanks Dave 🙂