Space. No longer the final frontier.

Toshiba sent a chair into space.  Yes, yes they did.

(from here)

It seems that in the last year, lots of people have been ‘sending stuff into space’.  Students from Cambridge, and Spain.

Then there was the MIT & Canon camera one. 

And I’ve just found out The Sun sent their 40th birthday edition up too.



(It looks kind of doctored, this image.  But there’s more authentic looking pictures of them doing it here)

Anyway, I’d like to propose that 2010 is the year that nobody sends anything up into space.  Space is closed for sending stuff up into.  It’s been done.  LEAVE SPACE ALONE.

It just goes to show you that Moores Law seems to work for Space travel too.  It now seems to cost $150 to send something up into space and have photographic proof that you did it.  Imagine how much that would have cost in the fifties…