Read the book? Or watch the film..?

The IPA’s Behavioural Economics workshops are being held the week after next (16th-20th November), and a select few PHD’ers are heading along.

(If you want to find out more about the workshops, you should speak to Victoria at the IPA…)

In preparation we’re all reading / rereading two books; The Paradox of Choice, and Nudge.

But of course, the way that you sell a book these days is you talk about it to as many different audiences as possible. 

And the people who invite you to speak may choose to film these talks. 

And if the people who’ve invited you to talk are Google, then they’ll probably film them, and upload them to a Youtube channel, in a series of talks they’ve invited authors to give at Google.

So, courtesy of Google, here’s Richard Thaler from last year talking about the ideas behind Nudge…

…and Barry Schwartz from 2006 talking about the Paradox of choice…

I guess the only choice you have now is whether to read the books, or just watch the movies…