A day for building social bonfires



Yes indeed, lest we forget it’s Bonfire night, and given the history of the Bonfire & Fireworks analogy on Feeding the Puppy, it would have been remiss of me not to post the latest thoughts I’ve been having on this more fitting of days…

(As a brief reprise, for those who haven’t seen or have forgotten it, skip through this again…)


Advertising Fireworks, Social Bonfires
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So, what now?

After the IPA Social Event (which I first started writing about Bonfires for), we all thought it’d be a good idea to keep the momentum behind the project going… build on the success, keep the bonfire burning as it were.

After all, it was just the end of the beginning.

Rather than a formal evening organised event, though, we wondered if holding three concurrent conversations over coffee, somewhere in London, would mean that people could spend half a morning dipping in and out of different conversations… sharing experiences, results, case studies and the like.

How best to make it happen?

It’s not just an ‘advertising’ issue

Largely every type of agency and communications company going are all looking at this area, whether they’re involved in advertising, PR, corporate comms, internal etc.

The shift in the way the world communicates has affected many industries, not just the one that you or I happen to find ourselves working in.

At its simplest, I think everyone can take the graph below, look at their own industry as say ‘yep, that’s happening to us, and we’re not totally sure how to deal with it /create it / measure it / value it / charge for it yet.



So we’d love to see folks from across as wide a spectrum as possible… the sharing of results & case studies is something that the Measurement Camp guys have been doing a great job every month, so we’d love to see them down there.

Then there’s all the folks interested in making businesses internally social too… Enterprise 2.0, or Social Business Design.  I found the Corporate Social Networking Forum earlier this year a fascinating insight into how other industries are harnessing the available tools to add significant value to their businesses.

And I’m quite sure that I’m missing out folk too… so in order to make an ‘easy to manage’ list of folk to tell about it, I’ve made my first twitter list…

Making a list, checking it twice…

We’ll get on with confirming a date, thinking a bit more about the format & subject matter… just generally firming things up a little more.

And you? 

Well, if you think you’d be up for meeting up one morning for a couple of hours in early December and sharing some social insights over coffee, then just add your twitter name TO THIS LIST HERE*.

Happy bonfire night… see you all soon I’m sure.

(*fingers crossed that I’ve got the list thing working OK…)